Brasov – the perfect medieval city

Hello travelers! Good to be here again! Today I want to tell you about Brasov which is a city located in the central part of Romania, about 166 kilometers north of Bucharest. It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and is part of the Transylvania region. This is one of my favorite cities in our country and every now and then I like to escape the hustle and bustle of Bucharest and visit it!

Trip to Sibiu – my favorite Romanian city

One month ago, husband and I really needed a break-out from our daily routine and a one-day trip was just perfect at the moment. My father also joined us and off we went to one of my favorite cities in Romania - Sibiu, which is absolutely amazing. Romania is a wonderful country and I will always try to highlight this and share my pictures and stories to as many people as I can. Romania has great mountains - the Carpathians, the Black Sea and also the Danube Delta. So it's kind of unique, right? A lot of tourists hear about Transylvania and most of them believe it's a different country than Romania, but hell no... Transylvania is just a region in Romania. An awesome one if you ask me... and Sibiu is a medieval town part of this area!